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THEMA: https://www.worldhealthcart.com/biovirexagen/

https://www.worldhealthcart.co​m/biovirexagen/ 6 Monate 3 Wochen her #19490

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BioVirexagen Over time, the stretch will improve and the range of motion will become deeper. In this embodiment, the main load falls not on the triceps, but on the pectoral muscles. The rest is now distributed between the anterior deltoid muscles and triceps. This is due to the tilt of the body forward and the elbows apart. Accept the starting position as shown in the first figure. As you inhale, begin to fall down while tilting the body forward. At the bottom point of the exercise, holding your breath, return to the starting position. Breathe out and do the next repetition. Throughout the exercise, avoid jerking and jerking. Perform the exercise slowly and strictly technically, this will help to achieve a better result and avoid all kinds of injuries of the shoulder girdle. Elbows, when doing the exercise, push apart so that the angle between them and the body is about 45 degrees, not more. Tilt the body forward, and be sure to tighten your legs at the knees. This will give an additional tilt of the housing forward. To perform push-ups on the uneven bars in order to develop the pectoral muscles, broad parallel or divorced uneven bars are best suited. The width of the grip on them should be slightly larger than the width of the shoulders. You should know that too wide a setting of the hands shifts the load from the pectoral muscles to the broadest muscles of the back, and can also serve as an injury to the shoulder joint, namely, its extension or even rupture. Push-ups on the bars can be complicated by hanging on a special belt a strong rope or a metal hook with discs from the bar. This technique is used to expose, accustomed to the same load of muscle, new stress and make them respond to growth. Start working with weights after you have mastered the technique of performing exercises with your own weight and can do at least 20 repetitions in the approach.

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https://www.worldhealthcart.com/biovirexagen/ vccvkocd 6 Monate 3 Wochen her
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