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THEMA: kocham kwiaty

kocham kwiaty 8 Monate 2 Wochen her #6208

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Dear Friends! On Saturday, darling St. Therese afflicted me with a sign again, and also this time it turned out one full of her wonderful sense of humour. On Friday, a particular thing happened quite unexpectedly, an issue that appeared to be the start of the divine reply to my novenas to her earlier, the novenas she honoured while using roses earlier this month. In fact, all my novenas to her were for this one wish only. So, on Friday, it appeared as if things were starting to unfold within the right direction, fat, as on the vague stages of all beginnings, I had questions: was this really part of the divine answer or just a random occurrence without any consequences at all? Was the response to my prayers starting out manifest, or did this launch have no effect on the future in any way? In other words, was my darling Little Flower behind it, or could it have been just a chance happening? In my heart I felt it had been St. Therese who, with God's permission, place the wheels in motion personally, but nevertheless, she should have sensed my hesitation, as she felt she required to supply another sign. And my hesitation was not caused by a deficiency of faith and trust. Far from it, indeed. We all hesitate for a minute or two, because after praying for so long for something, warning signs of hope might just seem just too good to be true. But only for a minute or two, of course.
Lublin poczta kwiatowa

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